“I am very pleased to lend my personal endorsement of Jennifer (Jen) Williams as she seeks to represent all Republicans in Mercer County on the State Committee. Jen is a committed Republican who has worked tirelessly to maintain and advance our party’s interests in a very non-competitive environment where others might have shied away.  Both as a candidate for office and a member of campaign committees, Jen has distinguished herself and brought credit to our party. 

Above all, Jen believes in the value and strength of party unity and the importance of using the State Committee as an opportunity to strengthen Mercer County’s standing within our state Republican organization. Jennifer Williams is the woman for the job!”

~   Peter A. Inverso

Fmr. State Senator -Legislative District 14

“It is with great pleasure that I fully support and endorse Jennifer Williams as the New Jersey State Republican Committeewoman for Mercer County. Jennifer is also the Republican Chairwoman in Trenton and she has worked tirelessly in rebuilding the Republican base in Trenton. Given her already impressive record, I’m sure that she will be a welcomed and impressive member of the New Jersey Republican State Committee.”

~   Richard J. (Dick) LaRossa

Fmr. State Senator - Legislative District 15

“I wholeheartedly endorse Jennifer Williams as my replacement on the NJ Republican State Committee. Her promise to work with Republican leaders toward rebuilding the Republican Party in Mercer county is not an empty one. She has a proven track record of supporting all Republicans running for office, working with municipalities, getting positive press coverage and expanding the base. I know Jen will do a great job as Mercer County's representative on the State Committee.”

~   Christine V. Bator

Fmr. Mercer County Republican State Committeewoman

“As chairman of the Ewing Township Republican Party I am endorsing Jennifer Williams for Republican State Committeewoman to represent Mercer County. From the time I met her I knew she would be a strong advocate for the Republican Party. She is the best choice for State Committeewoman because while campaigning for Assembly, she heard the concerns of Republican voters and wants to have those concerns addressed by the party. I have full confidence in her ability to do what is necessary to make the Republican Party a better party and to win seats in
New Jersey.”


~   Jeremy Whaley

Chairman, Ewing Township Republican Committee

“It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Jennifer Williams for the office of State Committeewomen for Mercer County. Jen has proven her strong work ethic when she ran for the Assembly, worked on the Bob Hugin campaign, and other grassroots networking. County Committee people can feel confident in her commitment to support local races, unify Republicans across our municipalities, and work hard to grow our Republican Party.”


~   Skye GilmartinChairwoman

Hightstown Republican Committee

“I firmly support Jennifer Williams for Mercer County Republican State Committeewoman.  Her leadership, dedication, and resolve make for an ideal candidate to ensure our voices are heard.”

~   Todd Brant
Chairman, Hopewell Township Republican Committee

“Jennifer Williams is a star leader of our Republican Party here in Mercer County and beyond.  I have worked with Jen on several campaigns and have always been in awe of her tireless dedication to our candidates and Republican values.  No doubt, she will represent us well as a State Committeewoman.  I proudly endorse her for that position.”


~   Robert Pluta

Chairman, Lawrence Township Republican Committee

“I am proud to endorse Jennifer Williams for the position of New Jersey Republican State Committeeperson for Mercer County. Jen has been a steadfast and tireless leader in our county for years. In her exemplary Assembly campaign for LD15, she succeeded in uniting Republicans across municipal boundaries; an effort that strengthened our voices and energetically promoted our values. Jen is a solid pro-freedom Reagan Republican who will articulate with persuasive effect for central New Jersey taxpayers.”


~   Falk Engel

President, Lawrence Township Republican Club

“I have known Jennifer Williams and her family for years. Across the entire length and breadth of our Mercer County, I can’t think of one person who is more suited and deserving of representing the County Republicans at the State Committee. Jennifer is a strong and compassionate woman with solid, strong moral values and judgement and an who is exemplary patriot in her thoughts and her actions. She also represents a city that has been left behind and failed by our government, a city that needs GOP policies and values desperately and Jennifer is more than capable of bringing in that much needed help.”


~   Alok Sharma
Chairman, West Windsor Republican Committee

“I am honored to endorse Jennifer Williams for Mercer County Republican State Committeewoman. I have watched her work hard not only in her own campaign for Assembly but for all Republican candidates. Jen is a unifying leader who stands for our ideals of individual freedom, prosperity, a strong military and equality of opportunity for all people. Both our party and our state need her efforts and her voice.”


~   Andrea Mandel

Council, West Windsor Township and President of West Windsor Republican Club

“I have had the pleasure serving alongside our City Chair Jennifer Williams for many years. Jennifer Williams offers us fresh ideas and a voice for those who have not been represented in a long time”.  “I stand with Jennifer Williams for State Committee, because I know she will fight for the people of Trenton, and Mercer County.”


~   Justin Tibbetts

Fmr. City of Trenton Ethics Boardmember
Fmr. State Assembly candidate, LD15
Fmr. Vice Chair, Trenton Republican Committee