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Jennifer (Jen) Williams is a lifelong Trentonian who grew up in the East Ward in the shadow of Hedgepeth-Williams Elementary School and attended McCorristin Catholic High School. She has lived in North Trenton for over twenty years and has been civically active in many endeavors in the Capital City.

Jen has dutifully served our city and the North Ward on the Zoning Board for fourteen years and as its Chair for the past two years to help guide business and residential development towards fair, legal, equitable and positive resolutions - benefiting Trenton residents and business owners. She has learned much that she wishes to apply as your North Ward City Councilperson. 


A Leadership Trenton Program graduate, Jen banded with a group of artistic-minded leaders to form the original Trenton Film Society, leading to her role as the Director of Trenton Film Festival (TFF) in those early years. Eventually, the annual TFF would grow to encompass downtown Trenton at four simultaneous locations and attract filmmakers and film goers from around the U.S. and overseas.


Jen later served as a member of the core team of city activists who fought to stop the sale of our Trenton Water Works suburban infrastructure to a foreign entity. Many Trentonians came together and united in the successful effort to stop the sale of our city’s biggest structural asset and keep millions of dollars flowing into Trenton.


Additionally, Jen is a writer, healthcare professional, former union member, civic activist, small business owner, youth sports coach, and a parent. She further serves her community as a Public Member, for the District Fee Arbitration Committee – Office of Attorney Ethics, State of New Jersey; as an Advisor on the Patient Family Advisory Council for University of Pennsylvania – Princeton Medical Center; and on the Advisory Board for the American Unity Fund She is also a supporter of the Center for American Women and Politics, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, New Jersey Pride Chamber of Commerce and Garden State Equality.


Jennifer holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Tulane University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from La Salle University and an Intensive Film certificate from New York University. Jennifer and her family have a cat named “Simba” and she is quite proud that her children’s first rock concert was the Rolling Stones.

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